What You Didnt Know About Pipe Flanges

Pipe flanges are one of the most critical components of your piping system. They act as a mechanical and hydraulic seal at the intersection between two pipes. Pipe flanges allow fluids to travel from one point to another without leaking. The video “Piping Flange Types, Faces, and Surfaces – Explained!” Read More

What is Fair and Impartial Training?

This video explores the characteristics of fair and impartial training. The curriculum on fair and impartial policing was created with the assistance of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Fridell conducted the research as an associate professor of criminology at the Read More

What is CMMC?

In the cybersecurity industry, it’s more important than ever before to keep information safe and secure. As people have learned more about the internet and how to use it, information has become less secure. That’s where the cybersecurity maturity model comes in. What is CMMC? And how is it used? Read More