A Beginners Guide to Layering HTV

If you have ever wanted a simple way to create professional-looking clothing that is customized to your life, you may be interested in HTV, or heat transfer vinyl. This amazing substance comes in sheets that can be cut into custom designs. All you have to do is use the software that comes with your vinyl cutter to create your designs, then have the machine do the cutting.

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Once your design is cut, you can apply it to any fabric.

But what if you want to create a design that incorporates multiple colors? HTV sheets come in single blocks of color. To achieve the look you want, you’ll have to cut the individual colored sections of your design out of different vinyl sheets.

The video on this page shows just how easy it is to layer different colors of HTV into a cohesive design. Break up your design into sections of different colors in the design software. Then cut them on scraps of vinyl to save materials. Starting with the largest part of your design, begin to line up each of the pieces back into your original design. Once it looks right, you can bring it over to your fabric and press them to the fabric one at a time, starting with the back-most piece.