A Day in the Life of an EMT Student


If you are looking at a career as an EMT, you might wonder what the path toward certification looks like. While your course materials may depend somewhat on the state you are trained in or the particular training program you join, you should have a similar experience to most EMT students.

The video posted here shows a day in the life of a soon-to-be EMT. First, she gets up and makes her morning commute to her classes. She starts her day with a lecture, but her education doesn’t stop there.

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The instructors show how to use a neck brace by demonstrating on a trainee. Later, the trainees practice CPR on dummies designed to replicate people as closely as possible. They also practice using AEDs on the same dummies.

The best accelerated EMT va training will include a mix of lectures and hands-on training for the majority of learning opportunities. Many of these programs also include internship time to help trainees acclimate to working as EMTs before they achieve full certification.

If you’re still unsure what you should expect from your EMT training, administrators at the program you’re looking at should be able to give you much more information.