A Look Into Maines Aquaculture Industry

It is impossible to talk about the many aquaculture jobs Maine offers without noting the booming aquaculture industry in Maine. As the video encapsulates, from points all across this beautiful Northeast state, aquaculture has never been more alive and perhaps more necessary than it is today.

The Growth of Aquaculture in Maine

Lobster has long been the trademark and staple of the community, economy, and state of Maine. That also means that for as long as Maine has existed, much of the state’s economic viability depends on the success of the lobster season.

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That is also where the art of aquaculture has and is making a big difference. Primarily, aquaculture allows Maine to diversify, and that means many other options and markets beyond just Lobster. In fact, through aquaculture, Maine now has the fastest-growing food production method, not only in the U.S. but in the world.

The Future of Aquaculture and Maine

From kelp, oysters, muscles, and other resources in addition to lobsters, aquaculture has changed the economy, outlook, and identity of Maine. With growing industries like kelp, a new wave of aquaculturists, and plenty of natural resources, Maine has never had a brighter future. Maine – a look into its aquaculture industry reveals that they aren’t just about lobsters anymore.