Are There Multiple Kinds of Granite?

There are, indeed, different types or levels of granite. Not just any granite slabs will do for all home improvement jobs. Here are facts about the levels of granite from Greg Fox, owner of Fox Granite Countertops.

The first level is called basic or Level One.

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As its name suggests, this is what you think of when you think of granite. It’s the least expensive and most common to acquire. Their coloring and quality are consistent. What comes out of the quarries and goes to slab yards or suppliers and then to fabricators is basically the same. Slabs are usually cut to three-eighths of an inch.

The second level is exotic or Level Two. Here the coloring and patterns deviate from the norm. The usual slab thickness is about three-quarters of an inch.

The third level is super exotics or Level Three. Some sellers call it high-grade granite. This is the most expensive granite you can buy because of the amazing colors and patterns. Slabs can be inconsistent in color, pattern, and quality. Its usual thickness is at least three-quarters of an inch.

One thing that all granite levels have in common is where they are from. Granite slabs in North America come from India, China, or Brazil.