Are You Looking for a Great Preschool Option?

Family is everything.

And everywhere.
At least that is how it seems these last few weeks.

When your quiet family of three transitioned into a crazy group of eight at the first of the month, there were many things you thought you were prepared for. You were, for instance, prepared for when your 21 year old daughter returned home for the summer it might be a little rough as she transitioned from four years in the college dorm. With a few weeks before her nursing degree work begins you are actually excited to have her at home and have braced yourself for the fact that she now has a different schedule and a different set of habits.

You were also pretty prepared for the chaos of having your niece, her husband, and two young sons stay with you would bring. With an 18 month old and a four year old, your nieces family simply needs a place to stay for a little less than four weeks while they wait for the closing on their new house. Your younger daughter who is a month from graduating college and then will be heading off to her college, is excited that bold her older sister and older cousin are going to be around for her final month of high school. In fact, with just the three of you at home he last four years, your younger daughter insists that you and your husband are too boring, and that you are starting to act too old for your age. She is excited to have the house full and lots of fun as the final year of high school closes out.

The Nicest of Surprises Come in the Smallest of Packages
The one thing that you did not expect as you prepared for the house to fill up during the month of May, was all of the memories your own daughters would relive when they watched their cousin’s children play around the house. Part of the process of moving to a new town, of course, has involved your niece trying to find preschool opportunities for her boys. She is not certain if she is going to go back to work full time, she does know that her oldest needs to get started in a preschool setting. The small town where they lived before merely offered in home care opportunities. Now that they are in a bigger city, however, your niece and her husband want to make sure they understand the options that are available to them.

You somewhat expected for your niece to ask you lots of questions about the difference between the limited options she had back home and the private nursery schools and preschools that your girls attended. And while your girls never went to any private nursery schools when they were really young because you were able to stay home with them, you did do quite a bit of research about the progressive schools that were available. In the end, you really did not have much of a chance to explain the Montessori educational experiences that your daughter had because your daughters were more than willing to do all of the talking.

The Best Private Nursery Schools Foster a Love of Learning

Your older daughter recently took a college human growth and development psychology class and your younger daughter took a class by the same name in high school. This meant, of course, that both of your girls were uniquely prepared to talk about how the Montessori experience they had shaped their growing up. And while there are many pricey and pretty well known private preschools and private schools in the area, your daughters seem to have really recognized the advantages they had in the Montessori classrooms where they spent their time.

In addition to just talking, however, you walked downstairs one morning to see that your daughters had actually pulled out some of the Montessori practical life materials that were stored away, and like good Montessori teachers were letting their actions and the materials do most of the talking. The best private nursery schools and preschool may have lots to offer, but they likely could not have competed with the lessons you saw on a daily basis during the days your house was busting at the seams with family?