Back to School Tips for Elementary Students

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If you child is in elementary school and you think they might have a hard time adjusting to going back to school, you can take a deep breath and rest assured that there are several tips out there to help them get ready again. School should be a fun environment where students are challenged and inspired to learn, but children also love to be children, and balancing school and “fun” time can be difficult, especially once they come back from being on a break!

In order to ensure your child’s success when returning to elementary school, follow these awesome back to school tips for elementary school students.

1. Start setting back the clock

If your child is on a break from school, chances are they have been staying up a little later than usual and maybe watching a movie or TV when they should be getting some rest. While that’s not a bad thing because they can make up for it by sleeping in, it might make it more difficult for them to re-adjust to waking up early for school. Start by sending your children to be just 10 minutes earlier to help them get used to waking up early again. They need to get out of summer camp mode!

2. Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast

When child goes back to school, be sure to have the sit down and eat a healthy meal before they get to school. A morning breakfast meal made of scrambled eggs, a few slices of turkey bacon or chick sausage, whole wheat toast with jam, and orange juice will help them feel alert and focused at school, and be full of the energy they need to take on the day.

3. Prepare everything for the first day the night before

Be sure to lay out school uniforms, get backpacks ready, and all school supplies together the night before so that your child can get ready and be out the door on time. This is one of the best back to school tips around!

4. Prepare lunches the night before

Be sure to pack your child’s lunch the night before, and try and keep it healthy! Packing an after school snack can also be a great way to have them feeling full of energy throughout the day. A healthy lunch can be a turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, an apple juice or water, and piece of fruit. Pack whole wheat crackers or baby carrots with ranch dip for an afternoon snack, or even a small container of grapes.

5. Start the day in a positive light

If your child is trying to get back into the swing of things, encourage them with a positive message. You can even stick a happy note in their lunch box for them to see in the middle of the day. Keeping a positive attitude has a lot to do with grade school readiness, productivity, and overall happiness.

Whether you had you children enrolled in summer camp programs or daycare during their break, the easiest way to get them ready for school is to have them reset their routine. By following these back to school tips, your child will be ready for school in no time!