Common AC Problems

There will come a time that our AC would malfunction or come with an issue that needs troubleshooting. This is true, especially if the item is already old.

So, what are the common problems our AC faces that may need AC repairs? Here are the things to know.

1. Bad Capacitor

This is by far the most common AC issue that every household and establishment faces.

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If the capacitor goes bad, it could bulge out on the top or pop off, which may lead to dielectric grease around the electrical section.

2. Low on Freon Unit

The AC is a permanently sealed system. So whatever freon is in there should stay as long as the unit works. So if something is missing, it only shows that there is a leak somewhere.

3. Plug Condensate Drain

Another AC issue that needs AC repairs is when the AC is working well, and it’s cool, yet there’s water leaking everywhere.

4. Bad Control Board

It’s when the control board is not sending power to the outside unit when the thermostat needs cooling.

5. Burnt Out Condenser Fan Motor

This issue that needs ac repairs is when you turn on the AC, and the compressor will start running, but the fan does not work. If that’s the case, you will feel a lot of air coming out because the compressor is overheating, which could probably affect the breaker.