Dry Cleaning Explained

Despite its name, dry cleaning is not dry – as liquid solvents are being used. Dry cleaning is a safe process in getting your clothes washed.

This is the process where laundry machines perform such a bizarre process that would clean clothes without having to get them wet.

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So what are the facts about dry cleaning, and how does it work? Read down below.

1. Understanding Dry Cleaning

The truth is, dry cleaning is not dry, as the clothes still get wet with solvent instead of water. The solvent used is hydrocarbon – and some may even consider it organic because it’s safe to use.

2. Dry Cleaning is Safe on Clothes

While everyone thinks that dry cleaning is a dry process, dry cleaning also has benefits on clothes. It’s a wet process – but doesn’t use water. Yes, it uses mechanical action, but it’s safe.

3. Finishing the Cycle

Once the dry cleaning process is done, you’re just going to take it out of the machine since it is ready for pressing. Of course, the clothes would smell good.

4. Inspection

If your clothes come with buttons, then you must ensure that everything is intact and the lining is sewn. You should also remove the excess lint if there’s any.

5. Pressing

This is more than just steaming your clothes and then putting some air or vacuuming the steam and setting the press.