Find a Solid Educational Groundwork in Today’s Private Middle Schools

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In today’s America, parents have more choices than ever when it comes to their children’s education. More and more schools are opening around the country, focusing on providing the kind of solid foundation that many children need as they progress throughout their formative years. From preschool to middle school and on through high school, our educational system has expanded as great deal.

In America right now, there are approximately 30, 861 different private schools which serve over 5.3 million students in grades pre-k through 12. These private schools account for about one-quarter of the schools in the United States and have about 10% of all students enrolled in school behind their doors.

Many students go all the way through their education through the private school sector, but even more, spend only part of their time there. Those who go to a private preschool might switch over to the public school system when they get into kindergarten. Others might go all the way through middle school and switch to the public high school when they’re old enough. It all depends on the family and where they live.

In large cities across the country, private schools have 1.5 times of their enrollment compared to public schools. Parents feel that their children will be safer in private schools when it comes to the big cities. Not only do they feel their children will be safer in elementary school, middle school, and high school, they also feel that their children will get a better education overall.

The benefits of private school are many. One of which is the fact that the class sizes are smaller, enabling the teachers to give students more focused attention. In 2007, the Fraser Institute conducted a survey and found that 91% of parents put their children into a private school specifically because of the dedication of the teachers.

While many strides are being made in the public school sector every year, it is made very plain by the test scores of the students in private schools that a private school education has merit. The average SAT scores on the national level for public school students have been 497 in reading, 514 in math and 489 in writing compared with the private school scores of 541, 579, and 550. There certainly are a number of factors involved in these scores, but there is no doubting the difference.

When it comes to our educational system today, there are many choices that parents have to make for their children. If it is a possibility, many of them choose to put their children in a private school. The formative years of middle school are so important, and providing children with the chance to excel on that every parent would like to be able to do.

If you have the opportunity to enroll your child in a private school, there are many benefits. Small class size, teacher dedication, and stronger academic standards are only a few.