Four Tips to Help a Guy Feel More Confident on a Date

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Contrary to what you might believe, when it comes to dating, women typically aren’t looking for a a jerk, a brute, a meat-head or any other pejorative term you can come up with. In fact, those negative words are altogether pretty meaningless. They imply an “us vs. them” mentality that allows you to keep portraying yourself as a member of some hard-luck minority of guys that just aren’t destined to meet the right kind of women.

But most women just want to find a guy who’s confident enough to be himself. That’s it.

“Confidence,” you see, is vastly different from “dominance,” say the experts at eHarmony, and they should know. Some women might be attracted to a certain type of man, and if you’re not it, then you’re not it. But essentially all women are attracted to confident men, and if you don’t think that includes you, it’s time to realize how to go about changing that. Here, start with these four tips.

1. Look directly into her eyes.

This isn’t just a tip to help you achieve success with women — it’s a creed to live by! Maintaining eye contact with coworkers, friends and especially romantic partners is a way to exude self-confidence because it lets them know you feel comfortable enough with your opinions and your words to speak directly to them. And don’t be afraid to approach women, either. Always lock eyes to let them know you’ve got your sights on them.

2. Present yourself appropriately.

One of the most crucial dating tips for men is to “be yourself,” but if “yourself” typically sports oversize band T-shirts from the ’90s, it might be time to throw on a bit of a disguise. You want to make a good first impression, and that means being well groomed and well dressed, though not necessarily decked out in a tuxedo. It’s all about finding an outfit that’s both understated and yet completely appropriate for a subtle wow factor.

3. Read into when to make the first move.

Learning how to approach a woman is an art in and of itself. But if you’re afraid to approach women in general, you’re never going to project anything except fear and self-doubt. Paying special attention to physical and verbal cues in order to figure out whether or not it’s time to make the first move. Be attentive, and the confidence will come naturally after that.

4. Mind your manners.

The modern man is a gentleman. The modern man is courteous. The modern man doesn’t treat every instance of talking to a woman as a race to the finish line. The modern man holds doors and pulls out chairs. The modern man is always mindful of his manners and if he’s talking too much or too loudly. The modern man picks up the check. The modern man does all this because he’s confident. Get it yet?

Whether you’re afraid to approach women to simply afraid of getting rejected, the more you can learn to simply be comfortable in your own skin, the more success you’ll find in the dating field. And there’s no better way than to get right out there and practice. Read more here: