How Do You Rebuild a Hydraulic Cylinder?

Many modern machines and vehicles use hydraulic cylinders to function. These machine parts operate using the force of pressurized liquids to create movement. They might extend parts of machinery or move them back and forth as needed.

Hydraulic cylinders have to move freely in order to function optimally. This means they typically require maintenance after a lot of use.

Video Source

Some parts manufacturers sell rebuild kits for hydraulic cylinders. Even novice mechanics should be able to use these kits to repair hydraulic cylinders on their own equipment with a little support from the internet or a local hydraulic repair professional.

The video posted here should help with the repair process. In it, the host repairs a hydraulic cylinder at home. Before you get started on any repair, make sure you have the appropriate parts to make the repair. If you buy a rebuild kit, it should be sized to your exact hydraulic cylinder if possible.

As you follow along with the video, you should be able to repair a hydraulic cylinder. You may need to get some specific tools if you don’t already have them, so make sure you watch a few videos before you get started. If it seems to complicated, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.