How T-Shirts Are Made in the USA

There are many companies in the world that make custom order shirts. Consumers are often encouraged to shop locally, and for Americans, that means buying clothes that have been made in the USA. It is important to understand how these local garments are made because shopping locally affects the supply and demand of many aspects of the business. In this video, you will learn how shirts are made in America, starting with the harvesting of cotton.

Video Source

Cotton is the most popular material used for clothing. It is harvested on farms, refined, and then woven into fabric. The fabric will then be dyed into base colors and cut into the shapes that are needed for the clothing. Everything then gets packed up to ship out where they need to go. The factory has a mix of human workers and robotic automation. Different factories will receive the clothing and sew it up to get it ready for selling and then ship it to warehouses. This will often occur outside of the USA because it is cheaper. Sewing happens by hand. The last thing that then happens is selling the clothing to consumers.