How to Make Whiskey at Home

Whiskey is a popular drink around the world, and it has inspired whiskey lovers to try and make their own! About 42 bottles of Scottish whisky are imported per second. Here are a few tips on how to age your own whiskey.

You first want to purchase a wooden barrel for your whiskey. Small wooden barrels for sale might be better with an at-home whiskey aging kit. Two liters is a standard size for this project.

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After you have your barrel, you should clean out your barrel. This is because there are particles of sawdust that will remain in the wood. Soaking your barrel is the next important step to avoid wood splitting when you insert the spigot. You can rinse your barrel by running water through the spigot with a funnel a few times.

To insert the spigot into the barrel, place it carefully and then tap it down with a hammer. You can hold a towel around the top of it to stop it from denting or splitting. Be gentle and you will turn out with a perfectly sealed barrel. To finish, you will fill the barrel with water to ensure it is watertight.