How to Properly Use Clear Transparency Film

Printing on clear transparencies can be a difficult and irritating process. Without a proper understanding of how clear transparency film works, it can be a waste of the product and your money. To properly print on a piece of clear transparency, follow these simple instructions.

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To find the side that you print on, lick your finger. Whichever side is sticky, that’s the side that the ink will print on. If you do not do this, you may find that your image or words smear due to the ink not having dried. This will quickly ruin the image, and your clear transparency will also be ruined, as the print is on the wrong side of the film. Make sure to use the right side of the transparency to preserve your print.

The good news is those clear transparencies are water proof. Unlike normal paper, clear transparencies can be dipped into water, printed, and still have the ink placed properly on them without issue. If this happened to normal paper, it would be ruined, and any ink on it washed away. This is a bonus to using clear transparencies instead of normal paper for some of your prints.

Keep these tips in mind for when you are printing on clear transparency film.