Ranking the Top Online Art Classes for Adults

Learning and improving as an artist doesn’t require going to physical classes. There are many online art classes that provide excellent instruction. In this video, the presenter shares some of the top free and paid art classes available. She goes on to recommend five courses that stand out among the many that she has tried.

The presenter, who used to work as a Disney artist, explains that perhaps the most important aspect of any online class is the instructor. Thanks to modern technology, any aspiring artist can learn from some of the best instructors in the world through online classes.

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Some of the paid options have a price tag of up to $50 per month, which is incredibly economical compared to what you would pay to have an in-person class with the same instructor.

At the end, the presenter shares that her five recommended courses work well together to create a curriculum that would rival what someone would learn at an expensive art school. They are classes she continues to use to stay sharp. Online art classes for adults are just a click away, and it’s never too late to learn from the best instructors in the industry.