Removing Dents from Hail

Hail can put significant dents into vehicles but this does not always mean that paint will be required to fix the problem. Small dents can be repaired without having to use paint will never get worse. Hail dent removal can be made easy by using a paintless dent repair (PDR) method.

Finding a PDR dent removal company near you can be done online.

Video Source

This video demonstrates an at-home attempt but it is important to be trained in order to complete this properly. 80-90% of dents can be fixed by paintless dent removal as found by experts in the field.

Paintless dent removal is cosmetic and will not affect how a car runs. The dents that are best repaired through these methods are often weather-related issues, like lightning and hail damage. Any dent too large for paintless dent removal will not be handled by these companies. Paintless dent repair costs can vary depending on the area and should be sourced online or over the phone before coming in.

Keeping vehicles looking brand-new and seamless is easy when it comes to repairing dents. Find a paintless dent removal specialist nearby to keep up with the weather.