Renting a Moving Dumpster

When moving out of a home, the last thing you may think of is all the garbage you will produce. Garbage trucks can only take so much from the curbside. The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements found that, of all the waste created in large cities, only between 25% and 55% of it will be collected by municipal workers. How much will it cost you to get rid of your waste?

Renting a dumpster can cost between $215 and $1100, it all depends on what kind and which size you need. The price is determined by your location, the dumpster size, the weight of the trash, and your rental period.

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Dumpsters can be delivered directly to your home or business to deal with any sort of residential waste management.

When renting, be sure to ask about any fees that will be charged before or after the dumpster is delivered. Some companies will absorb these costs into one large payment and some will separate them. Other companies may offer movers to help with any large waste. Look into a local dumpster rental today to start your move.