Repairing Your Electric Water Heater

Do you need water heating repair? Look no further! Today’s video from Home DIY will show you what to do when your water heater no longer produces hot water for your home. You will learn how to know if your water heater element or water coils have broken and how to fix your water heater within minutes.

You will learn how to safely prep your water heater to avoid electrocution as you do your work. Then your home repair DIY guide will walk you through the steps to test if your water coils are working.

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You will start by seeing what the two control panels look like and learning to identify the various elements inside. Next, you will find out what the proper voltage should be for your electric water heater and how to conduct a reading, which will inform you of your next steps.

Once you have finished repairing the water coils, you will also learn to check for leaks before safely reconnecting your water heater to electricity.

Watch the video to learn more about how to fix your water heater easily and quickly. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button for more helpful DIY tips from Home DIY.