Signs You Might Need Heating Repair

Ryan snow, president of Western Heating and Air Conditioning, says it’s important to have water heaters in our homes. The time the heater takes to heat water or run out of hot water really fast shows that the water heater may be worn out and needs heating repair. Water heaters have a longevity of 8-10 years.

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In most cases, heaters stop working during the cold and winter weather. It’s very important to maintain the water heater to prevent heating repair which might be costly. Some of the signs to look for include:

(i). Burning Odor
When the water heater releases a foul, burning odor when turned on, this shows that it has a problem and needs heating repair.

(ii). Unusual Noise
Noises in your heating and air conditioning should be investigated immediately. This is important because these noises can indicate serious issues with the system that is not functioning properly.

(iii). Increased energy cost
An abrupt increase in your energy cost indicates that your heating system needs repair.

(iv). Uneven Heat Distribution
If some areas of your house remain cool when the heating system is on, then it needs repairs.