Spanish, Curriculum, and Everything In Between

The recent expansion in technology has changed the world and has brought about new ways of communication and thinking. One of the biggest changes deals with a specific jump in terms of communication. Now, people can communicate with others from around the world right from their phone or computer. Thus, more and more people are focusing on raising their children as bilingual. Here are all of the benefits that come along with beginning Spanish curriculum and children!

Children who speak a 2nd language can learn a 3rd language faster. This is impressive and is a stat that is too in-depth to be explained in a simple manner. However, there are scientists who believe that when the brain is trained to work in this way it opens up doors for the future. So there are just one of many benefits of introducing a young child to beginning Spanish curriculum.

Preschool Spanish lessons and Spanish for preschoolers are both two ways of introducing a child to beginning Spanish curriculum. On average, employees that are bilingual will earn just about 20% more per hour than monolingual employees. So the benefits of introducing a young child to beginning Spanish curriculum is that their future will see monetary gains from this. So start to plant the seeds for your child to grow early at a young age.

The earlier you introduce your child to a foreign language the better. Experts believe that before the age of 10 is ideal, or even before the age of 5, if possible. The earlier you do it the better. Younger children are able to learn a second language because they are still growing and developing their speaking skills.

Many countries mandate the introduction of foreign language in schools by age eight, while students in the United States often wait until junior or senior high school for their first exposure to a foreign language curriculum, thus only having 4 years of study versus 10 or 12 years when introduced earlier. Make sure you get the ball rolling early if you want to introduce beginning Spanish curriculum to your child!

According to the Summer Institute of Linguistics, more than two-thirds of the world’s children are bilingual. In America, however, only 17% of the total population speaks a second language in addition to English. The United States is in contact with other countries now more than ever. This means that some government jobs may specifically involve just translating. That just another benefit of exposing your child to beginning Spanish curriculum at a young age!

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries worldwide, and those countries are home to many exquisite and fun travel destinations. According to census reports, Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world. With 387 million native speakers, more people on earth speak Spanish than English. The opportunities for Spanish speakers across the globe are endless! Let your child take advantage of these opportunities by getting them involved with beginning Spanish curriculum at an early age.

Take advantage of the critical time in early development when acquiring language skills comes naturally and easily. A child’s capacity to pronounce unfamiliar, foreign sounds and to absorb new grammar rules is highly enhanced prior to age six. Your child will have a better chance of learning a second language at a young age as opposed to

Between ages 8 and 12, your child will lose the ability to hear and reproduce new sounds as they did when they were younger, making foreign language acquisition not impossible, but more difficult. For their first 8 years, children are naturally acquiring language skills. They learn primarily through imitation, repetition, songs, and games. These are the simplest ways to instill the second language into your child’s mindset!

In Conclusion

Across the globe, more and more people are getting their child to learn second languages and potentially third languages at a young age. As globalization continues to grow, which means that countries matter less and diversity is growing, there are plenty of benefits of introducing your child to beginning Spanish curriculum. You can do this on your own by using any of the available technoloy or enrolling them in classes!