The Boon of Employer Sponsored Daycare

Employer sponsored childcare

Every working parent knows all too well the high cost of Pa childcare. In fact, PA daycare can be so expensive, sometimes it is not even worth having both parents work if one parent is not skilled enough to be gainfully employed. Studies show that in families with two young children, it is seldom worth having a the second parent work if he or she nets less than tweny five thousand dollars per year. And jobs above that usually require some type of higher education or training. For parents who are trying to make ends meet, and in which both parents must work, childcare in the workplace is a boon to their families and careers.

In recent years, companies have learned that happier, less stressed employees make better employees. And programs such as corporate daycare, employer sponsored childcare, and corporate childcare have allowed parents who otherwise would not be able to work, to work. When employers provide PA childcare for their employees, they are helping to make life enhancing changes for many workers and their families. Not only does corporate PA childcare eliminate the expense of paying for PA childcare, it makes everything easier on the parent. The parent is saved the stress associated with transporting their children to PA childcare every morning, then scrambling around in order to pick them up on time at the end of the day.

What is perhaps the best thing about corporate Pa childcare, parents have their children close by all day long. While on breaks, parents can check in with their children. Talk about making life easier and less stressful. Hopefully more employers can adopt similar plans.