The Increasingly Important Role Child Care Plays For Toddlers Today

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The first official U.S. child care center opened in 1854 as the New York Day Nursery, a place where parents could drop off their children during the day so they could work and earn a living. It evolved out of the 19th century welfare movement and reform movement that existed during this time. And since that time, daycare centers and preschool facilities have opened up to great fanfare around the country, giving parents places to have their children stay before they are ready to enter the kindergarten and elementary school years.

Of course, today child care facilities are more than just about keeping kids for the day as their parents work and perform their adult responsibilities. Today, these child care centers play serious roles in developing young children into well functioning members of society. Research proves this, including a study in Chicago conducted on children who came from low income families, which found that those who were not in preschool had a 28 percent greater chance for developing drug and alcohol problems and for winding up in prison as adults than those children who attended preschool at a child care facility. Lots of research backs this up too, including findings that children benefit both academically and socially from being in these child care facilities when they are young.

These child care facilities too, including the typical Dublin OH preschool, help these children get out their energy in more productive ways. The activity level of a child who is 2 years old is much higher than at any other point in his or her life, and so these kids need to have this social activity and this academic learning, however small it may be. When they get it, they often do better in school and go on to lead more productive and drug and alcohol free lives. When they are surrounded by strong educators who have their best interests at heart, these kids find success in all stages of life.

So these child care facilities are just as important for the kids as they are for parents, who often work longer hours and who need some way to have their children have good experiences while they earn a living. Fortunately, most child care centers around the U.S. are certified and go through extensive licensing to ensure they meet high operating and educational standards. So parents can rest their fears of dropping off their kids daily at a learning center.
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