Tree Care Tips You Must Know

When you have trees, it is essential to care for them properly. You need proper tree care to keep your trees looking pretty and healthy. This care includes proper pruning techniques.

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This removes growth that is unwanted while encouraging new growth. This video shows proper pruning techniques, including the best time of year to do the pruning.

When deciding when to prune your tree, the type and your intended results determine when you should provide the tree care. Whatever type of tree you have, pruning during its dormant season is best. This is usually the end of fall and early spring. However, you want to prune in spring to enhance flowering after the flowers have faded and the leaves are fully formed.

For proper tree care, you need scissor-cut shears for light pruning. A pruning saw a pole saw, and loppers are ideal for larger branches. You should consider gas-powered or electric pole saws to make the job even easier. You want to ensure that all your blades are sharp for the best results.

When working with trees, your safety is most critical. You want to use a ladder, a hard hat, gloves, and safety goggles. In addition, you should check for hanging limbs before starting any tree care.