Understanding the Uses of a Thermocouple Feedthrough In Vacuum Applications

In this YouTube video, Belilove Company-Engineers looks at a thermocouple vacuum feedthrough. Feedthroughs become necessary when passing different types of cables or signals through various chamber walls.

Specifically, thermocouple feedthrough is used when there needs to be temperature measurement as part of the workflow processes. These feedthroughs create a signal containing a voltage amount from inside the vacuum system.

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These measurements are then passed through items extracting and collecting the measurements which lie outside of the system. Thermocouple feedthroughs come in standard shapes and sizes but can also be custom-made if a company needs one done. Different types of thermocouples can be added at each end that passes through an o-ring.

The o-rings, thermocouple types, and materials can be mixed and matched based on a company’s needs. Thermocouple wire comes in different thicknesses with various color coding to tell them apart. The wires inside the coating can be simply soldered together and attached to a measuring device for a working sensor to function. While this is possible, it’s always better to buy a premanufactured thermocouple where all sections are sealed and safety mechanisms are put into place.