Weathervanes How They Work

Have you ever wanted to know how weathervanes work? You might often see them on top of barns and think they look nice but you might not realize their true functionality or how useful they are. In this video, you will learn how weathervanes work and what they can be used for.

These decorative tops to structures are designed to help you know which direction the wind is coming from. They are often shaped like a rooster or other interesting designs so that they look good at the same time.

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Their shape is made so that when the wind blows on them they face a specific direction. This makes it easy to know which direction the wind is blowing. For example, a rooster will point toward the wind. You can then use the NWES symbols under the rooster to determine the actual direction. This will help you know what the weather will be like. Where this video was filmed, if the wind comes from the south then the day will likely be cold but if it’s coming from the northwest then it will be sunny out. You will need to know what the wind patterns are like for your location and then you can use your weathervane to predict the weather just by looking up at it.