What are Servers?

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Servers are the building blocks of good web infrastructure. Without high-quality servers, websites, games, and apps will be clunky, slow, and rife with problems. But what do servers do? This video explains the basics of servers so you can understand their importance.

A server is a computer system that provides services to other computers, known as client computers. In a nutshell, servers collect available data that other computers need. This data is drawn from servers by client computers and delivered to you, the consumer.

The main components of a server are the motherboard, CPU, power supply, memory, and hard drive. The servers are placed in a server room. The wiring and servers are painstakingly organized by knowledgeable technicians. The room is kept clean of debris and dust. The climate is meticulously controlled to keep the servers cool so that they can process enormous amounts of data.

Connected networks are like highways that run between client computers and the servers. When you ask your computer for information or to run something, the computer makes a call to the server and the information or function is passed along the connected network.

For more information on servers and how they function, check out the video in the link above.