What can Medicare Supplement Plans do for You?

This video opens with Brian, a Medicare Supplement Agent for over ten years, talking about medicare supplement insurance. The video is discussing AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Why choose AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G over other companies’ plans? Every state has different plans and prices, so where you live and your age can significantly impact availability and price. For example, Florida has a lower price for AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G than Pennsylvania.

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Is Medicare Supplement Plan G the same no matter which company (AARP or a different one) you buy it? They offer the same benefits, but the price is different. Why are the companies offering different prices even though they are offering the same coverage? Though they are in the care sector, they are private companies that want to make a profit. They determine the price they are going to charge for each zip code and the age groups within the zip code.

Why shouldn’t I pick the cheapest Medicare Supplement Plan G I can find? That is what some people do, and they are happy. Others want a specific company, so they are willing to pay a higher price.