What is a Server?

Are you interested in the process that server companies go through when they are setting up a server? Most people might even ask what exactly is a server. When it comes to the internet, sometimes it can just seem like a vast place that never ends. What might seem even more confusing is the fact that all this information needs physical components to store said information.

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This is where a server can come into play. Everyone who utilizes the internet needs some sort of server to utilize their information. Even if you’re on your phone on the internet, you are technically using a form of remote access to servers to utilize the services of the company you’re using. There are also Minecraft server hosting services for all the players of the game. This might just seem like a game for children, but it incorporates ideas about how servers work on the internet and creating your own space through utilizing a server. So when you’re on your computer, stop and think about the fact that there’s a lot more going on than typing in a word into a search bar.