What Makes a Charter School Different Than a Public School?

While charter schools are not private schools, they are not exactly like public schools either. As explained in this video, there used to be only public schools and private schools to educate students in grades K-12. However, charter schools exist as somewhat of a hybrid between the two.

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Charter schools are funded in part by tax dollars and, like public schools, they do not require tuition. However, like private schools, they have fewer restrictions than public schools and allow for a more tailored education. Often, they target either specific learning disciplines such as STEM topics or arts, or, they focus on helping certain types of learners, such as ones with extraordinary intelligence, attention deficit diagnoses, or physical limitations. Despite their special areas of emphasis, charter schools still require the same standardized testing as public schools.

As parents continue to seek the best education for the specific needs of their children, the number of charter schools in the US continues to multiply. As explained by the video presenter, the outcome is increased competition from public schools and private schools, ensuring that high-quality education options abound.

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