What Makes the Best Private School?

This video shows Phillips Academy, which is considered America’s Best High School. It is often referred to as Andover by students and faculty. It has 1,154 students on campus. Tuition is $53,900 to live on campus. Tuition for those not living on campus is $41,900.

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Phillips Academy accepts students based on merit, not money.

Jenny Elliott, the Andover Dean of Students, talks about the feeling that Andover students have about choosing to go there instead of being sent to go there.

David Tsai, an Andover Senior, shows some of the Andover campus. David has been there for four years and believes it is one of the best private schools in the world.

He states that everyone you see, students and staff, are happy to be there and enjoying themselves. You see them smiling as they are walking on the paths. He believes the boarding experience is critical for the student because they get to live on their own and experience high school the way many experience college.

John Palfrey, Andover Head of School, talks about the school is attempting to be absolutely excellent in classic ways of academics, sports, arts, and community engagement.