What TEDx Has to Say About Workplace Diversity Courses

Workplace diversity is essential if you want to bring a lot of ideas to the conference room table. The traditional workplace diversity courses that you may be used to have come a long way in recent years. Diversity is celebrated like never before, but some employees may have a difficult time accepting this perspective into their concept of a good workplace.

This TEDx talk about training employees to accept diversity gives employers a look into the modern way to approach this issue in the workplace.

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Part of the problem is that upper management in most businesses, large and small, is mostly made up of white men. There are still problems with interviewers rejecting applicants based on their foreign-sounding names, as well. These institutionalized problems with diversity affect employees on every level.

Since diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams in terms of productivity and revenue, finding a way out of institutionalized sameness is essential for all kinds of businesses. Arwa Mahdawi’s solution to this issue is to address the issue starting with HR or recruiters. These professionals are the gatekeepers of who enters a company. By starting the changes there, businesses can solve problems at their source.