What Type of Fence Do You Need?

In a YouTube video by Iron Fence Shop Estate Gates titled “Which is Better Aluminum vs Iron Fences”, the speaker discusses the difference between the two types of fences. He says that the materials are similar in many ways and that it depends on what you’re looking for in your project when building a fence around your home, business, or property.

When you are looking at the appearance of the two types of fences and their construction, they appear similar in appearance and style.

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Some parts of the aluminum fence are screwed in using a bolt and the iron fence parts are welded. The price of using either material is comparable or close in cost.

Aluminum does not rust and is easier to maintain and most fences are coated with a protective coating to keep them from rusting from rain, snow, and weather. An iron fence does rust because it is coated with a protective coating to keep it from rusting. Sometimes both fences need some repair, but overall, both do well in the weather due to the protective coating added to them when painted or powder coated.

Both are easy to install, and aluminum is more versatile because you can shape it to the hills, slopes, and grade levels of land easier when installing. Iron and aluminum fences increase the value of your home or property. This video is great for helping you decide what kind of fence is best for you. .