What You Can Do For Canine Behavior Training

If you are a new dog owner, or at least new to big dogs, you need to know about canine behavior training. This can keep your dog, other dogs, and other people safe when interacting. Here are some tips for getting your dog to pay attention when starting your training plan.

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You’ll want to start by holding a treat out to your dog and calling their name, or using some other word or phrase as a signal for their attention. Once they quiet down and still, you can reward them with the treat for responding. If your dog is not responding, try to attract their attention another way to restart the process. Do not reward them if you have to call their name twice, or this will become the behavior they repeat.

After your dog is responding to your call, you can take them to a trainer or training class. These are a great resource to socialize your dog and have them learn new tricks. This might be the sit, roll, or lay down commands. You can also teach your dog to walk next to you at these classes. Before you go about researching dog classes, use these tips to have your dog listen to you.