What You Didnt Know About Road Service Vehicles

A Roadside assistance vehicle is a highly equipped car used to fix broken-down vehicles that are stranded on the road. This video explains the qualities of a good road service vehicle. A good one has the following features:

Flashlight – Preferably a rechargeable light with an emergency hazard indicator to help see and maneuver fast at night.

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Remote jumpstart terminal – allows jumpstarting without having to open the car bonnet.

Floor Jack – A floor jack is a manual hydraulic lift that helps lift a vehicle. The most common jack for roadside assistance vehicles is a 3-ton floor jack.

Battery Service Pack – A roadside service vehicle should have a good jump battery- capable of jumpstarting 3-5 cars on a single charge. Other important battery service tools include terminal pliers, battery lifters, and ratchets.

Tire Service Tool Kit – Tire service tools are essential for repairing tires. These tools include wrenches, a wheel balancer, wheel wedges, a portable tire inflator, and a spare tire.

Being stranded on the roadside at night or day is not safe. Road service vehicles help drivers get assistance in such situations.