When to Use Interpersonal Psychotherapy

If you suffer from a mood disorder, you might have sought out the help of professionals in the past. You should try seeking out someone who practices interpersonal psychotherapy. They aim to improve the patient’s relationships with their friends and family. Here is when you should look for an interpersonal psychotherapist.

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These therapists use evidence-based and focused treatment methods to treat mood disorders like eating disorders, prenatal depression, bipolar disorders, and a variety of others. If you are suffering from one of these, you might have better luck in therapy by seeking out interpersonal therapists. They are specially trained to help your type of mood disorders, compared to other therapists who mostly focus on general mental health and well-being.

They will find out how you use maladaptive thought patterns and help you through the process of wiring your brain to think more positively. Through these practices, you will see a marked improvement in your mental health. This video with a therapist explains how they are qualified to help you and their day-to-day practice. Seek out a professional today to see how you can benefit from an interpersonal therapist. It never hurts to ask for help when you need it.