Why Is it Important to See a Local Gynecologist Every Year?

Experts recommend that women should start seeing a gynecologist during their teenage years and once a year thereafter. For many women, going to the gynecologist is something they put off for years. Dr. Staci Tanouye explains why it’s important to see a local gynecologist every year.

Women get to have a confidential talk with a medical professional about intimate problems.

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Most general practitioners are just not knowledgeable enough about gynecological issues in order to give their patients the best care and advice. Usually, they just recommend that you see a gynecologist.

It used to be recommended that women get a PAP smear every year. Now, the test is recommended every three to five years for healthy women. Women at risk for cervical cancer should still get it every year.

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Even if women do not need a PAP smear, they still should get an annual pelvic exam. Many problems, like infections, do not cause pain or other noticeable symptoms but can be detected by a pelvic exam. They can be treated before they become painful and disruptive.