5 Tips to Teach Your Child Spanish

Spanish story books

Kids are natural sponges for information. Teaching young kids a new language can be easy and fun. Children who learn a second language will find it a lot easier to learn a third. This also can set them up for success later in life in their career. People who are bilingual make more money than people who speak only one language by about 20%. The sooner you can start your kinds learning a second language the better. Many experts say before five is ideal or before the age of 10 if you can. Buying Spanish story books is one way to start getting them used to the language.

  1. Read to your kinds in Spanish. You can find books whose stories that they already know. Find Spanish try books for some of their favorite stories. This is one way to ease them into learning Spanish. They know the storylines of their favorite books. Another way to you can use Spanish story books is to get the audio version. Some kids find learning to read in Spanish even easier than English because the words sound the way they look. There are lot of English words than are difficult for children to pronounce at first. Find Spanish story books that you would want to read with your child. Hearing them out load can lay the groundwork for future success with the language. When you listen to the Spanish story books on audio, read along with the speaker. This will help them master the accent and nuance of a native speaker.
  2. Play games in Spanish. You cannot always be reading Spanish story books but you can make play time fun and educational by playing with your kids in Spanish. You can get games in Spanish that help reinforce your teaching in preschool Spanish lessons or at your child’s elementary school Spanish curriculum. It is important for your child’s learning to get the reinforcement from several sources. Games are a fun way to help them learn the language.
  3. Sing songs in Spanish. Like with the Spanish story books, you might want to find songs they already know in English to start. Singing brings out a different part of the brain and the repetition is key to learning a new language. Repeating the words in song form can make them easier to remember. That is why people get ear worm, when a song is stuck in their head for a long period of time. The infectious nature of music makes its repetition easier.
  4. Watch your movies in Spanish. Does your child have a favorite movie? See if you can find that in Spanish. Watching a movie with a plot line they know already can make following along much easier. Once you have gotten the hang of watching movies in Spanish, you can move on to new films that your child has not yet seen. You can start to watch movies more and more in Spanish and have your conversations about those films in Spanish. Again repetition is the key when it comes to learning a new language.
  5. Find application online for learning Spanish.andnbsp;There are a number of apps out there that can help you teach your child to learn to speak Spanish. Every day it seems more applications are being developed to help children and adults master a new language. Do an online search and you should come up with a number of options. These can often be very helpful at teaching someone a new language.

Teaching your children Spanish at a young age will help them for the rest of their lives. Buying or getting at the library Spanish story books will set them off on a lifetime of learning. Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world. At least 21 countries list Spanish as their official language. Many of these places are exotic travel destinations like Acapulco or Spain. By teaching your child a second language you not only improve their earning potential but improve their life. They will be able to ore effectively in the United States and around the world.