Are You Ready to go Back to College?

Bachelors in communications

If you’re thinking of going back to college but aren’t sure if you can find the time or money, you should check out the options offered by universities dedicated to adult education. With tuition scholarships, flexible schedules, free parking and access to public transportation, they try and make it easier for people like yourself who are trying to improve their career prospects. Some colleges even offer free daycare. Choosing from different degrees like bachelor of interdisciplinary studies, communications, English or psychology or a master of business administration degree, you can move your career to the fast track.

Does a college degree affect your career earnings?
In 2012 Pew Research reported that median annual earnings for workers with at least a bachelor?s degree were $45,500. This figure is well over medians for those who had only some college education, at $30,000, or those who had only a high-school diploma, whose median annual earnings were $28,000.
The advantage of a college degree in improving your earning power has proven itself through the difficult economic times. In 2013, Americans who had a four-year college degree earned an average of 98% more per hour than those who did not have a college degree. Over the entire course of a career, it is estimated that not going to college will cost an individual around half a million dollars, when average additional wages and other factors are added in.

Can I afford to go back to college?
So it’s not surprising that 83% of those with college degrees feel that their degrees have paid off. But perhaps you’re not one of those who need convincing. You’re aware of the difference that having a college degree could make to your career and earning power. You’re just trying to figure out if you can afford it. Perhaps you’ve been working in human resources for along time and feel that your career development would get a boost if you got a master of business administration degree. Can you get credit for all your real world experience? Perhaps you never finished college becaus you got so caught up in your job that you didn’t have time complete your undergraduate degree. Can you still transfer those long-ago credits?
Help for returning and nontraditional students
Fortunately, when it comes to a school dedicated to adult education and helping adults achieve their educational and career goals, you will find that many of your problems and questions have been anticipated and taken into account. There are solutions for all the questions that you face when you think of returning to college: scholarships, transportation, daycare, transfer of credits, and more.

  • Daycare on site means you don’t have to make an extra stop to drop off and pick up the kids to add to your already hectic schedule.
  • Scholarships to cover tuition and books are available for qualified students
  • Flexible schedules with night and weekend classes make it easier to find the classes that work for you.
  • Free parking with bus shuttle to building and easy access to public transportation
  • A number of undergraduate and graduate degrees to choose from, including bachelor?s in communications, psychology, English and Interdisciplinary Studies, and a master of business administration degree.
  • Transfer credits and credit for real world work experience

If you’re ready to go back to college, there are schools that are ready to welcome you back. So whether you’re interested in psychology, communications or a master of business administration degree, colleges dedicated to adult education will do all they can to help you succeed.