A Peek Into The Sheer Power Of Heavy Duty Towing

The M100 Century and the ER-122.000 are two of the largest and most powerful Rotator Tow Trucks. On the YouTube Channel, “Innovation Now Tv,” a video, “The Most Powerful and Largest Tow Truck You must see | Heavy Duty Rolling Rotator,” states the features of these powerful tow trucks.

The M100 Century was developed by the Miller industry and had a lifting capacity of 200,000 lbs. The miller industry invested 10000 engineering hours in putting up this tow truck.

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This unique tow truck was tested and documented to the highest SA Standards.

The M100 century is the first heavy duty towing machine with a main winch of 65,000 lbs and a drag winch of 3,000 lbs. This unique machine can rotate to a maximum height of 53 feet and extend to 48 feet.

The ER 1200.000 was produced with 35 years of experience. This Rotator has four knuckle boom winches with a dragging capacity of 15 tons each. Each of the four knuckles has a pulling capacity of 49 tons. This machine is equipped with one under-reach winch with a dragging capacity of 15 tons and a pulling capacity of 40 tons.