What Your Gutter Installation Will Look Like

Are your gutters old and rusted? If so, you’ll need a new gutter installation before the next rainfall. Keep reading to learn about what a gutter installation will look like before you book an appointment.

First, you will have an estimate with a roofing contractor. The price of your new gutter installation depends on the amount of gutters you have and the materials you choose to use.

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Once a price is agreed upon, you can schedule your installation.

The installers will take measurements of the walls of your home to cut the gutters accurately. This is especially important if you have many small indents on the exterior of your home.

After the measurements, the installers will cut the gutters and attach any corners together. They’ll reinforce the metal to ensure that the gutters can withstand any weather conditions for many years. Then a hole will be drilled at the end of the downspout. This is where water will run down the side of your home, keeping your roof safe and dry.

Watch this video to see the the steps of a new gutter installation. Talk to your roofing company to see if they offer gutter installations. If they don’t, read reviews before you choose a new company.