Beginners Guide to Concrete Walkway Installation

Are you planning to upgrade your walkway with concrete ones? If so, hiring a walkway contractor can get the job done quickly.

Here are the steps according to a walkway contractor:

Step 1: The first step is to repair the sidewalk plumbing vents. It is necessary to repair plumbing vents as they can be easily clogged with soil and dirt.

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Step 2: For durability, walkway contractors prefer using air-entrained cement integrated with fiber mesh. However, before pouring in the cement, cover all the vents and holes needed for proper flood prevention.

Step 3: To get the perfect level, you have to screed the concrete with a screeder or a long 2×4 straight edge to ensure it is leveled.

Step 4: To guarantee a straight line, use a chalk line as a guide for jointing the concrete. Concrete dries quickly, be sure to mark fast.

Step 5: When jointing the surface of the concrete, use a chalk line as a guide for straight joint lines using a buffalo jointer.

Step 6: Once drying of the concrete starts, remove all the wraps and protective covering you made during the first step. Cover the vents with their plastic covers. When the concrete has dried enough to prevent deep impressions, the second phase of concrete finishing starts, wherein you will be using tools for edging, troweling, and jointing.

Step 7: The final stage of concrete finishing is using a broom finish for texturing the concrete.