What Are Antibiotic Ointments Good For?

If you are suffering from a skin infection, a burn, or a small cut that needs to heal, you have probably used antibiotic ointments before. When bacteria gets into your skin, it can cause a severe infection if gone untreated. Keep reading to learn about what type of antibiotic ointment you need for your injury.

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Bacitracin is one of the most common ingredients in an antibiotic cream, and you might see it on your package. It treats many forms of bacteria, which is why it is used so often. You might need to avoid certain brands of ointment if they contain allergic reaction-creating ingredients. You might not know what you are allergic to at first but talk to a doctor before using a new cream. You want to find the right cream for your injuries.

Other companies are specifically engineering their products to work quickly and effectively with new delivery methods. Their topical formulation is a great way to make sure your wounds heal quickly and safely. Talk to your pharmacist or primary care physician about choosing an ointment to keep around the house. You should always talk to a doctor about using new ointments for children.