Career Spotlight: AC Contractor

In this YouTube video, 1Exam Prep talks about the steps involved in becoming an air conditioning contractor in the state of Florida. Working in the HVAC industry (working with heating and air conditioning systems) can be rewarding work.

All students must first pass exams, both through their learning coursework and at a state level.

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There are two exams: the business and finance exam and the trade exam.

There are three different air conditioning contractor classifications, and all of them require first having passed these exams. From bottom to top, the classifications are Air B, which are units up to 25 tons; Air A, which are units up to 50 tons; and Mechanical, which includes working on chillers, water towers, refrigeration, and more.

Secondly, it’s required that a person has at least four years of experience, with one of those years being in the position of a foreman. Finally, the student must apply for approval from the State of Florida. After a person has their experience, they can state their experience within the classification they’re applying for along with their education. The application also requires a credit check and background check. Upon approval, a person will successfully be considered a fully licensed air conditioner contractor.