We Got Our Ears Professionally Cleaned

In this video, we see a couple of people who get their ears professionally cleaned. Why is this so important? Having ears stuffed with debris can lead to hearing loss and ear infections. Only the best ear doctors can spot out some of the issues that could be going on in your ears. Ear doctors are also known as audiologists.

Video Source

When the ear doctor gets in these people’s ears, they are in for a shock. Many of us use q-tips to clean our ears, but what we don’t understand is that the q-tip acts as a stuffer, where instead of getting wax out, it pushes wax deeper inside the ear. So when these people sat to get their ears cleaned, what they didn’t see coming was the fact that their ears would be full of wax because they thought they were using the correct tool that everyone else uses. The biggest difference is that you can literally hear a difference once your ears are cleaned out. After watching this, maybe you should think about getting your ears cleaned.