Commercial Roofing Explained

The job of a commercial roofer shares some similarities to that of a residential roofer, but that doesn’t mean the jobs are exactly the same. Commercial roofers have a different set of responsibilities and use different methods for their jobs.

Most commercial roofing jobs are done on large spaces and require far more materials.

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With more materials comes more labor so most commercial jobs are done with a large team of workers. A large part of these commercial jobs is gluing and fastening pipes and other support structures to the base.

Most commercial roofers start work very early in the morning so by the time they reach the step in the project where the glue needs to dry, the sun does a lot of the work. The sun’s natural heat dries the adhesives holding the structures put in place by the roofers. The metal structural pipes are put all throughout the base of the roof. Plastic caps are put at the base of these pipes to ensure that they stay in place through any conditions.

These types of commercial projects require several hours of labor and previous experience is always sought after. Commercial roofers specialize in these projects and should be trusted with commercial roofing needs.