Tips For Hiring An Arborist Company

Arborist companies are becoming a hot commodity in recent years. Have you ever wondered what’s a day like for arborists? If so, then we’ll give you a sneak peek at how their day starts and ends.

As a groundsman, you are tasked to help make other workers’ lives a bit easier by cleaning up the brush or doing traffic control and ensuring that the climbers’ needs are adequately met.

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As a trimmer, you are tasked to use the chainsaw and cut away tree branches to ensure a safe and proper transport or disposal of the tree. Most arborist companies have all-in-one workers who do all the job and will mostly take turns depending on the crew member.

As a journeyman, you are tasked to look out for everybody; that’s why you are always on the run looking out for your crew members. You will set out duties for each crew member and tell trimmers what needs to be cut and which ones don’t. They are also the ones who talk to the customers and residents about which ones to be removed.

Crew leader – they are tasked by arborist companies to ensure the safety and welfare of the entire crew. Aside from the journeyman, crew leaders are authorized to get the job done safely and correctly and limit harmful situations. Overall, his responsibility is every member of his crew and the work that goes into it.