How Are Christopher Radko Ornaments Made?

Are you a fan of Christopher Radko ornaments? From the start, every extraordinary holiday is created in Polish factories. Thanks to the talented team of craftsmen and artists, you now see different ornaments.

It is very amazing to know that each ornament piece is made by hand, and it uses a method that also dates back to the Renaissance era.

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Artists and craftsmen put careful thought and hard work into molding and carving. They actually came up with silvering and glass-blowing steps with dedication and passion.

The process remains as the detail is hand-painted in completing the ornaments of Christopher Radko. The whole process may take weeks and shall require an unparalleled skill. With that, the magical heirlooms that were produced by Christopher Radko undoubtedly brought happiness and joy into the homes, which creates long-lasting traditions through the years.

What Makes Christopher Radko Ornaments Special?

Ornaments of Christopher Radko were crafted in Italy, Poland, and Germany by teams of artists and craftsmen. Each of the glass ornaments would take weeks of craftsmanship in completing the process. In fact, there were more than 3000 people involved in the process of creating ornaments every year.

There really is something in every collector of Christopher Radko ornaments. They have beautiful glass-blown ornaments that include Halloween ornaments, baby ornaments, candies, bridal, and more. Best of all, Radko has special categories of Designer’s Choice every year.