How to Tell If Your Cooling Tower Needs Cleaning

There is a difference between a cooling tower’s normal scale build-up and if it is really clogged and requires maintenance. To find out more about how to know the difference, watch the video below.

A Little Scaling Is a Good Thing

If your filter appears dirty on the outside, it is likely scaling on the inner areas of the drift eliminators. This scaling will not create any problems with your water tower. This is actually a good thing; it is verification that the system is working up to par.

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You can ensure your tower is clean and the scale is under control by having the tower maintained twice annually.

How Do You know When Your Tower Is Clogged?

The way to tell if your tower is really clogged is to take a look inside. If the chevron shapes are filled with slime or sludge, this is a clue it is in need of a cooling tower cleaning. The life of a water cooling tower is about 10-15 years; therefore, you need to service it somewhere around the midpoint of its lifetime.