What Is the Girls Build Camp in Oregon All About?

Teaching girls and women various life skills is a significant step towards more equitable global development that is the core of enhanced economic development. Gender diversity in different industries is important because it assures young girls that they have equal representation and participation across Male-dominated industries such as roofing services. It also enhances collaboration, offers different perspectives, and increases the talent pool.

When young girls are equipped with the tools and skills that are designed for the building industry, it improves their confidence and allows them to develop different insights into their career objectives. Girls Build camp in Oregon offers young girls and women different programs that are aimed towards teaching them more about the building industry. It is a camp for young girls and women that was founded by women who are making a mark in the building industry. If you want to find out more about what this camp is about, what it offers and much more, you can keep on reading.

What is Girls Build Camp in Oregon?

This is a one-week summer camp that is designed to teach young girls between the ages of 8 and 14 to learn a myriad of valuable building skills. This includes learning how to do plumbing, carpentry, electrical engineering, and much more. This nonprofit organization was founded in February 2016 by a group of tradeswomen who believed in creating a girls-building program to teach young women the basics of this trade.

The camp is currently situated in four different locations in Oregon. You can find it in Portland, Josephine County, the North Coast (Astoria/Warrenton), and Tillamook. In Portland, you can have access to a varied selection of after-school and weekend classes. A team of dedicated professionals takes their time to teach an array of building trades that can be conducted in a safe and supportive environment at Girls Build camp in Oregon. This makes it easier for parents to trust that their young girls are left in the care of a reliable team.

What Types of Programs Are Offered for the Girls?

The Girls Build camp in Oregon offers different afterschool programs held at a safe warehouse. There are various small workshops that run throughout the school year for the girls. While the primary focus of the camp is to teach young girls various concepts of building and valuable skills, it offers occasional classes for women as well.

The following are some types of programs that are offered at Girls Build camp in Oregon.

1. Carpentry

Girls Build camp in Oregon makes learning different skills such as carpentry a relaxing and rewarding activity. Known as one of the world’s oldest trades, carpentry offers a wide range of skills that can be used in everyday life. A dedicated team ensures that the young girls learn about the basics of this trade. Moreover, they are taught about the safety measures associated with the types of dangerous tools and machinery that are used to build different projects.

The girls are taught the fundamental basics that include knowing how to measure, mark and cut their materials. Learning how to handle basic carpentry is a skill that everyone should know because it can be a valuable skill to know around the house. They are also provided with healthy and safe educational information. Learning carpentry has a lot of advantages. Below, are some of the advances that a young girl that attends Girls Build camp in Oregon can gain.

It Improves Creativity

When the girls are taught different ways to build with wood, they can enhance their creativity. They will learn how to build homes the way that they want to. Moreover, they learn ways to become problem solvers, even if they work in a corporate law office environment.

They Learn More About Product Use

Carpentry uses different wood such as hardwood and softwood. When they have more knowledge about the types of products that are used to build their projects at the camp, they become more confident. It improves their enthusiasm to learn more around experienced professionals.

They Learn Transferable and Hard Skills

Girls Build camp in Oregon offers young girls the opportunity to learn different transferable and hard skills that are essential for improving their adaptability in school and other avenues in their lives. It keeps their minds active and their physical health at optimal levels.

2. Electrical

Most of what is required for a successful home remodeling service involves learning the fundamentals of electrical wiring. At the camp, the young girls are taught by skilled professionals about how to identify potential electrical problems, how to repair any damage to electrical wiring, and ways to install proper connections to the wiring system.

The team at Girls Build camp in Oregon has taken adequate measures to ensure that the young girls know and understand basic wiring terminology to investigate any wiring issues around the house. They also partake in different types of installation and remodeling projects. This ensures that they have the practical training to identify the most common types of wires and cables in a safe environment.

Studies suggest that teaching electrical wiring and safety to children is significant. Households have a large number of appliances and devices that rely on electricity. As a result, imparting knowledge about electrical components to young children is a beneficial way to teach them about the fundamentals of safety.

3. Plumbing

Teaching young girls about basic plumbing services is an important way to break the stereotypes of the types of careers that are suitable for them. It offers them the confidence to choose a career path that goes against conventional norms. Moreover, they are able to learn what can cause damage to the pipes around the house.

Girls Build camp in Oregon helps to provide these girls with different ways to resolve plumbing problems that affect many houses on a daily basis. They can learn ways to test water pressure and adjust it accordingly for ensuring water efficiency. They also gain confidence with skills that help them to check for leaks in the house that can affect water usage in the house.

4. Roofing

The team that is assigned to the girls teaches them about ways to conduct a roof repair safely. Learning about ways to do a proper roof repair has several benefits. The following are some benefits that we have researched on the basics of roof repairs.

  • Extending The Lifespan of Your Roof

Adequate roofing that is done regularly by someone who is experienced can extend the life of the roof.

  • It Keeps Warranty in Effect

Failure to perform roofing system maintenance can be seen as neglecting your house. This can void the warranty. The certified team at Girls Build camp in Oregon teaches the young girls effective ways to identify roof damage and to know when a repair schedule is required.

  • Keeps The Home Energy Efficient

When the roof is in proper condition, it improves the insulation and reduces heat loss or heat gain. When the girls learn how to prevent roof leaks and repair them, they will have adequate knowledge on how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. It will save costs on purchasing new roofs by getting a standard repair service done regularly.

The girls at the camp learn how to use different types of stockade tools that are essential for conducting different types of repairs all over the house. Moreover, they learn how to take care of these tools by learning the basics of repairs for stockade tools.

5. Painting

Learning how to paint different parts of the home is an essential part of learning various building techniques. For instance, there when you do not have painting experience, you can end up causing uneven layers of paint build up. These young girls learn the different techniques of painting processes and what types of conditions can affect the painting.

Other things that are important in the painting process that they learn are how to mix the right amount of paint to ensure that they attain consistency in color throughout the building structure. The team at the camp also teaches them how to follow certain instructions when learning the techniques of painting interior walls in comparison to the exterior ones.

This program is beneficial when it is taught in conjunction with the carpentry classes. The girls learn how to get smooth finishes on wood and which types of paint can be used with different types of wood. Having your kids learn the basics of painting can help you save a lot of money when you want to remodel the exterior of your home. You can save time and costs by having them as your assistants.

6. Auto Mechanics

Knowing how to repair and maintain automobiles is a significant skill to learn. At the camp, the girls get their hands greasy and learn different components that can affect the functioning of an automobile. They are taught the basics of identifying issues such as engine failure, faulty brake pads, and how to repair and replace broken lights in an automobile.

Studies suggest that students who learn the basics of automotive skills become surprisingly good at fixing a lot of different things. It covers various studies that are aimed towards improving hybrid learning of skills. The practical approach to learning ensures that there is a continuous connection between what is taught and what the girls learn.

Girls Build camp in Oregon offers many great programs that go beyond the scope of the ones that we have highlighted. It is an ideal place of learning for young girls where they are taught many valuable building industry-based skills that can be integrated into the functionality of their everyday lives.

For instance, the girls are taught how to operate machinery for tree trimming services and the different techniques that are essential for maintaining the landscaping in your home.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are various opportunities to volunteer at the Girls Build camp in Oregon. You can volunteer at any of their four locations. It is a rewarding way to learn new skills as well. However, the camp is a nonprofit organization, which means that they rely on funding from different sources.

As a camp volunteer, you will be involved in undertaking a variety of tasks such as cleaning up after the girls, setting up for workshops, and any last-minute errands that may require your support. You will be provided with breakfast and lunch on a daily basis.

To be accepted as a camp volunteer, you will be expected to pass a series of background checks. The camp is designed for young girls, as a result, taking adequate safety precautions in who has access to the campsites is essential.

The camp provides scholarships for girls who would love to attend the summer camp. There are application guidelines that need to be considered such as the annual income, specific circumstances, and the number of children in need. It is important to provide comprehensive information about your needs.

The number of scholarships that are available depends on the number of sponsorships that are received in that particular year. There is an option of a full or partial scholarship that is awarded to the girls that meet the selection criteria. Donations are encouraged by the team at the Girls Build camp in Oregon to ensure that more deserving girls can benefit from scholarships that cover a wide range of activities

The Takeaway

Girls Build camp in Oregon plays a significant role in ensuring that young girls learn practical skills that can be transferred into different parts of their lives. It offers a wide range of building industries knowledge and ways to conduct repairs for stockade tools that the girls use to conduct safe repair work.

It is an effective way to help young girls to think about careers outside the conventional learning environment. The practical approach ensures that the girls stay enthusiastic in their learning. Moreover, the girls can apply for full or partial scholarships if they would like to attend, but circumstances do not allow. It is a great way to spend the summer learning new trades.